Saturday, January 15, 2011

Palacincy recipe

Here is the recipe for the Bohemian Strawberry Supreme Palacinky that I made. It made 8 crepes (I only had enough strawberries & room in the pan for 7). I did not make it in advance, as suggested. (I used it as soon as I made it.) I used about 4 cups of frozen strawberries; thawed & spooned into the crepes. (My strawberries were from a friend's garden, so they were very small). I put 1 teaspoon of sugar in each crepe (over the strawberries), & did NOT put any cinnamon on them. I used additional butter & milk when melting chocolate chips for the drizzled chocolate.

I hope to bring some tomorrow to potluck. I may hold them back to put out AFTER the kids have gone through!

Strawberry Supreme ~ Palačinky s jahodami
(6 servings)
2/3 c [150 ml] flour
2 eggs
1 c [250 ml] milk
pinch salt
4 t sugar
1 c [250 ml] strawberries, sliced
3 T "cinnamon sugar" or (3 T sugar + 1 t cinnamon) mixed
¼ c [60 ml] powdered sugar (approx.)
2 oz [60 g] or [2 bars] semi-sweet chocolate
1 T butter
1 t water
1 c [250 ml] whipped cream
Cream together sugar, salt, and eggs in a mixing bowl. Alternately add small amounts of flour and milk until all are mixed and a batter has been achieved. Set aside at least 6 hours, preferably overnight.
Heat oil in a fry pan. Pour small amount of batter into hot pan while constantly rotating pan to spread batter into "crêpe." Cook until set. Turn once and cook another minute until golden. Remove from pan to cool. Continue cooking remaining pancakes (sic).
Down the center of a Palaèinky lay a line of sliced strawberries full length, but only about 1/3 of its width. Sprinkle some cinnamon-sugar over berries. Fold the uncovered portions like flaps over the filling to create a flattened tube. Melt chocolate with butter & water in microwave. Drizzle over top of each berry-filled roll and then decorate the length of the dessert with a squiggle of whipped cream using a pastry bag and large diameter die or with caned whipped cream. Place more chopped strawberries across dessert to add a splash of color.

Lightly dust some powdered sugar across the top of each dessert.

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