Friday, June 29, 2012

The Fellowship of the Sisters, part 1

Thanks for everyone who came on Tuesday night to watch Disc 1 of "The Fellowship of the Ring"! We had a blast! Great food (spinach dip, pasta salad, two great green salads, fried chicken, taco dip, etc., YUMMY!) and our own "Fellowship" as we watched Frodo and Sam on their big adventure to save the world. ("Keep it secret! Keep it safe!) Love this book and this movie!

Keep reading and let me know when you would like to meet to have our book discussion and watch the 2nd disc. I'm thinking around the week of July 9th - 14th. The 13th is a Friday and would work for me. Check your calendars and shoot me an e-mail so we can get this date set in stone!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hi Ladies!
I hope you have begun and are enjoying reading "The Fellowship of the Ring." I love this book and I love the messages and themes in it of love, friendship and sacrifice.  The Lord of the Rings trilogy was written during WWII and echo many of the things that were happening in the mid-19th Century.  This book is a story of good vs. evil with one side composed of different races and peoples (like the Allied forces) and the other side representing domination and evil (like the Nazi regime). It also is a story of how one person can make a difference. As you read, think about these themes and also what things represent these ideas, like the "One Ring of Power." What does that represent?

Since this is a rather large work and the movie that goes with it is about 3 1/2 hours long I had the idea of getting together later this month to watch the first half of the movie. I'm always up for a party and I'd love to have all of you come and watch the first half with me! We can have food (elf food? hobbit food? dwarf food?) and enjoy the movie. I have to admit that these movies (all three of the trilogy) is by far, my favorite movies ever!

Since school is out perhaps we can meet on weeknight if that works for most of us. I know there is a lot going on with YW Camp, Scout Camp and the Trek. I was thinking that the last week of June would be a good week after these events are over.

Let me know if you would like to do this and if sometime in the last week of June will work for you. I'll host and cook for you all and we can have a fun movie night!

PS the first disc of the movie ends with the Fellowship setting out on their quest. I believe if you get to the chapter "The Council of Elrond" you will have covered the first half.
PPS. I have a copy of the book on CD if anyone would like to download it and listen to it