Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friday Night's book Discussion

We had a fun time Friday night at our book discussion of 'Pudd'nhead Wilson' and 'Those Extraordinary Twins' by Mark Twain.  Thank you to all who came to enjoy the food, catch up with each other and talk about and read from Pudd'nhead Wilson.  What a fun time we had talking about conjoined twins, here is a video clip that I tried to share with you so you can see for yourself.  It is the one with the unfortunate guy with a zit.  Still informative and funny.
My favorite part in the book was Pudd'nhead's calendar and the very end when he teaches the court about fingerprints and amazes everyone.  We also, enjoyed watching a portion of a documentary of Mark Twain later at Kris' house.  Mark Twain is quite an artist with the English language  and it is surprising how cute he was as a young man.  Please share your favorite parts here in the comments.

The Portrait of a Lady
Our next book selection will be 'The Portrait of a Lady' by Henry James.  This is a larger book and will require diligence to get it read.  It is in two volumes, so I suggest us having a discussion on the first volume (347pages) on June 17th (that is 5 weeks) and one final discussion August 12th (8 weeks).  How does that sound with you all?

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