Sunday, September 28, 2014

More on Jane Eyre

If you want to read what others thought of Jane Eyre you can go to Good reads and catch some of the things we didn't have time to talk about that others who read the book thought were worth discussing.

I like reading comments because some are so profound and insightful.

Fun time at the Discussion

Thank you, all of you "Super" Busy Gals who came to the book discussion of Jane Eyre at Lorraine's house. And a big THANK YOU to Lorraine for hosting. Everything was wonderful as usual, you all never disappoint on the food. I need to start bringing my camera to these discussions to get a picture of all of us (and the food).
We were happy to have eight altogether in this group. It was hard to cover all the things we wanted to discuss before we had to start the movie which was 2+ hours long. Everyone brought to the discussion their own interesting perspectives, thanks for participating.
We took a break half way through the movie to enjoy dessert which was fresh and awesome, Lorraine made a luscious peach cheese cake and Bobby made cheese cake hors d'oeurves topped with a fresh raspberry, yum.
The movie was pretty good for the length it was, limiting the amount of the book that was in it. For many of us we would have liked a bit more content of the book in the end. I personally missed his disclosure of their pschyic connection, that for me was affirmation of their spiritual connection which they talked about in conversation. We all agreed that this book was a big THUMBS UP!
We are anticipating our next discussion for Dracula coming October 24th at Kris' house.  We will be wearing costumes so be thinking what you will dress up as and come prepared to discuss the book and get your pants scared off watching the movie. It will be so much fun.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Book Discussion

Book group is tomorrow at Lorraine's at 6:00pm. Come and enjoy the discussion and food.
The End of the "Made-In-China" Era
The impossible (but real) technology that could make you impossibly rich.