Monday, January 17, 2011

Book Group Slumber Party a Success!

A big THANK YOU to Bonnie for such a fun time.  We had a very good discussion of the book 'My Antonia' with everyone participating.  A range of points were discussed, from her writing using a male figure as narrator, the vivid stories, the changes in Antonia in appearance and how her style of motherhood differed from that of her own mother to name a few.
We really enjoyed the culinary delights which included:  Baked Potatoes (Bonnie), Fried Chicken (Bobbi and Jennifer), Spinach Ravioli (Lorraine), Beef Stroganoff (Sharon), Hickory Nut Cake yum (Kris), Palacinky yum (PeggyAnn), Cinnamon rolls (Bonnie), brownies (Lorriane).  All the food was delicious, thank you Gals for bringing such good food you are all fabulous cooks!
After our conversation of Willa Cather's book 'My Antonia' we enjoyed a video production of her book 'O Pioneers'.  Another thought provoking exchange occurred focusing on parts of the production that allowed for comparisons and contrasts in our current times and past.
Of course since it was a sleep-over we played a fun game and then went to bed, which there were plenty of for each of us.  The country is so quiet and Bonnie's place is so remenisent of the past, being a home built in 1907,  it was easy to feel carried away in the past.  Jim Burden's grandparents home might have had the same feeling.
Jennifer and Bobbi get started with breakfast.

Around the table left to right, Jennifer, PeggyAnn, Kris, Lorraine,Bonnie and Stefanie.  Bobbi in the kitchen and Sharon behind the camera always.

Cinnamon rolls with hot chocolate and hot russian orange drink, mm good.

Cool camera feature, Smile Detector, it really works.  After Bonnie frowned the camera would only take a picture on it's own if she smiled.  I always say you always look good without makeup if you have a smile.  It is sooo true! You look wonderful, always.

Smile detector again, as soon as Bobbi smiled, CLICK!

PeggyAnn and Kris warm up with some hot beverages and conversation.
Our next book selection will be hosted by Kayleen and she has chosen 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' by Harriet Beecher Stowe

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