Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fun Discussion of The Ponder Heart

We had fun at Peggy Ann's last night. We had about six of us there which is enough for a pretty good discussion.
We also had some yummy food which included two corn chowder soups one with bacon (Kris) and another with cheese (Tammi) and both delicious. Grits(Peggy Ann) were on the menu which some of us had not eaten before and we topped them with butter salt and pepper and cheese. Thankfully Tammi also brought some biscuits which made having some of Peggy Ann's choice passion fruit jam possible. Southerners are famous for things like potato salad which didn't have but we were able to indulge in some deli macaroni salads provided by Lorraine-remember the name of our blog-we are all very Busy Gals and find the helpful hands at the local deli a life saver.
Our sweet teeth were definatly in good hands last night with several delectable desserts: Bobbi's buttery Apple Crisp with ice cream(it was torture driving in the car with that hot apple aroma so good), she also brought her famous chocolate chip cookies, Peggy Ann's family recipe Pecan Pie-it was divine and I told my self no candy this month, finally I-Sharon-quickly made a Hummingbird cake from scratch but had to buy the frosting because I am a Busy Gal too. We were defiantly happy with the food we ate and the discussion.
Peggy Ann went the extra mile to get a copy of the movie for us to watch which was not disappointing and enough like the book that we were rather happy with it.
Thanks to everyone who read and participated and to Peggy Ann who hosted.

Our next book will be hosted by Tammi and will be North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell. There should be a lot of ways to read this book. There are several options to read it for free and it is offered on Amazon Kindle for free. Join with us and happy reading.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Hey Busy Gals Classic Reading Society,

We are planning to get together at Peggy Ann's next Friday, October 25th at 6:00 pm to discuss "The Ponder Heart" by Eudora Welty. This is a book set in the south so we suggest a southern fare for our potluck. Thanks so much to Peggy Ann who found a movie for this book. If you are in need of a book please call Peggy Ann to see if she has any available to read, it isn't a long book at all and should be very quick to read.