Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Discussion for My Antonia

The date for our discussion of the book 'My Antonia' by Willa Cather will be Friday January 14, 2011 at 6pm at Bonnie's house.  You can bring whatever you want, since she thought there wasn't much reference to (appetizing) food in the book.  We will also be watching a movie after our discussion.  'O Pioneers' another work by Willa Cather.  A carpool will be arranged if rides are needed.  See you there!


Peggy Ann said...

We are currently planning a trip to our unsold home (Idaho) on that weekend. We may cancel the trip, but right now it's up in the air. So I may not be able to make reading club. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Greetings to the Busy Gals! I apologize if this is too intrusive. I am an English professor at Utah State University and a member of the board of the Cather Foundation. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we get notice of mentions of Cather on the Internet. I wanted to congratulate you on your choice of My Antonia for your book discussion. Since it sounds as if you have in interest in food too, I'll refer you to, where you'll find the wonderful new cookbook titled At Willa Cather's Tables: The Cather Foundation Cookbook. It's full of recipes for foods from Cather's writing, her family, her friends, etc. It includes recipes from Annie Pavelka, who is the model for Antonia (yes, she was a real person). You have to try her kolaches sometime! A few clues on your site suggest to me that you are an LDS-related group. Last spring I spoke to the First Ward Ladies Book Club of Fairview, ID (near Preston). They made honey cake, following a recipe from Willa's mother. It was wonderful. The ladies get a mention on p. 130 of the cookbook. Perhaps too late for you to get the cookbook for your meeting (though perhaps not with a phone call and quick delivery), but if you want a recipe or two by email (or any other information about Cather), feel free to contact me ( Enjoy the book and your discussion!!

miranda said...

I was planning on coming but Dewey had been planning a special date for us and told me that we are going out on Friday. So, I wont make it. Please let me know what the next book selection is.Thanks, Miranda