Saturday, November 5, 2011

NEXT SELECTION: The Complete Works of O. Henry

Our next selection will be "THE COMPLETE WORKS OF O. HENRY" (by O. Henry). This is a compilation of short stories that are fun & uplifting, usually with an ironic twist. You may have read his most famous story, "The Gift of the Magi".

The hardcover book is available on Amazon for about $4 used (published 1937; the De Luxe Edition). The Kindle version is available for $.99. You can also find all of the stories we will read in the Amazon paperback "100 SELECTED STORIES (Wordsworth Classics) (Wadsworth Collection) by O. HENRY (Sept. 1 1997)" available used for $.01. All of the stories are also available online at

The Kindle edition has 2 "table of contents" - one at the start, another at the end, so you will find the links to some of the stories at the end of your Kindle edition. Some links take you to several more stories.

We probably can't read them all - I will choose 10 or 15 stories for us to read as a group and post them later, but if you want to get started now, I'm sure you will enjoy it. We will start with "The Gift of the Magi", "The Last Leaf", "The Ransom of Red Chief" (under The Boy Scout Book of Stories); "Two Thanksgiving Day Gentlemen" (under The Trimmed Lamp & Other Stories). I'll post the rest of the stories later. Thanks! Peggy Ann


Kristine said...

I'm excited about your book pick Peggy Ann! I'm not familier with most of the stories so it will be fun to read something brand new.

Sharon said...

I agree with Kris. It will be nice to read those over the holidays.

Lorraine said...

I have just finished reading the entire book of Stories. Here are a few of my favorites:
The Ransom of Red Chief
A Retrieved Reformation
One Dollar's Worth
The Theory and the Hound(interesting more then favorite)
Hearts and Hands(great twist)
A Chaparral Christmas Gift
Two Thanksgiving Day Gentlemen(thought provoking)
The Reformation of Calliope(the power of a mother:)
The Pimienta Pancakes(all's fair in love and war)
The Last Leaf(By far my favorite)