Friday, March 18, 2011

Lorraine's Discussion of 'A Little Princess'

Hey girls,
I hope you are enjoying this book.  I love it.  I wish I could
remember to act as if I were a princess.  When would you like to have
the discussion?  Friday April 1st or April 8th works for me.  But
April 1st probably works better if that is not too soon.


Peggy Ann said...

Brad & I leave early in the AM on AP 2, so I could make it on Ap 1 but I wouldn't stay long. Ap 8 also works for me. I haven't found the book yet... :)

bonnie berry said...

Hi. I won't be home on the 1st but should be back by April 8th barring any unforseen thing. I really like the book. :)