Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Little Princess

This book review paragraph I borrowed from Sonal Panse at  It is a good discription of the opening scene in this book by Frances Hodgson Burnett.  I hope that everyone has a chance to read it before the discussion.  It is a page turner and now one of my favorite books.

Sara Crewe, the heroine, is seven at the start of the story and has just arrived in England, after a long voyage from India, to be admitted into a boarding school or, rather, 'Seminary for Young Ladies', run by a certain Miss Minchin. Sara is an imaginative, clever child, much wiser and self-reliant than her years, and is the only, much-indulged daughter of the widowed Ralph Crewe. He is an Army Captain, stationed in India, and is young, merry-spirited, and exceedingly rich. He and Sara have a very close relationship and are really not looking forward to be parted. But, as everyone knows, 'the climate of India was very bad for children' and it is customary 'as soon as possible' to bundle them off to the cold and damp of England. No matter how heart-breaking, it is just a thing done - as Sara tells her father, "Well, papa, if we're here, I suppose we must be resigned."
Happy Reading!

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