Saturday, October 25, 2014

Dressing Up Discussion

Dracula book group discussion
Our book group discussion was super fun since we could incorporate the Halloween season into our reading. Back: Kris as Sybil Trelawny, Bailey-cheerleader/football player, Joyce is a farmer, Linda is Mrs. Molly Weasley, Sharon is female dracula, Front row: Kayleen Ti Kwan Do/fighter, Peggy Ann is Cruella De Vile, Lorraine is a red witch.
Yummy food and a Ghostly table to eat at. We dined on tacos crawling with spiders, spicy squash/corn spider web chowder, bones and blood, Apple snicker salad, veggie pizza, devilish spider eggs, speghetti squash speghetti. Not to mention the Singapore divinity- special, brownie bites and no bake cookies. Did you see the mice infestation.
Playing games.

The sisters.

Draw and guess the Halloween word.

Or act out the Halloween word.

Kneeling and drawing.

Performance art.
This is a fun book group. We enjoyed a PBS version of Dracula after all the games and eating were finished. It was interesting and not as scary as our more modern versions of horror movies.  We definitely noticed that the technology for movie making has come a long way as well as acrylic vampire fingernails. Still the movie did a fair job of staying close to the book.  Stay tuned for the next book selection.

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Peggy Ann said...

Nice pictures! Thanks for posting them!