Friday, June 29, 2012

The Fellowship of the Sisters, part 1

Thanks for everyone who came on Tuesday night to watch Disc 1 of "The Fellowship of the Ring"! We had a blast! Great food (spinach dip, pasta salad, two great green salads, fried chicken, taco dip, etc., YUMMY!) and our own "Fellowship" as we watched Frodo and Sam on their big adventure to save the world. ("Keep it secret! Keep it safe!) Love this book and this movie!

Keep reading and let me know when you would like to meet to have our book discussion and watch the 2nd disc. I'm thinking around the week of July 9th - 14th. The 13th is a Friday and would work for me. Check your calendars and shoot me an e-mail so we can get this date set in stone!


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Peggy Ann said...

Recipe for Smoothie that we had at our movie: In a blender, place about 10 oz. Orange Juice; 8 - 10 frozen whole strawberries; 1 cup frozen blueberries; 3/4 cup crushed pineapple; 1 heaping tablespoon cream of coconut. Add 1/4 cup raw sugar if desired. Pulse to chop the strawberries, then blend until smooth. Makes about 4 cups. Can be made without the pineapple & coconut. Can be placed in the fridge & consumed later (& it's still thick!). Delicious!