Thursday, September 1, 2011

Italian Neophyte

There is a new word for you.  Do you know what a neophyte is?  It is a beginner.  Now that you know that, I wanted to share with you my attempt at making gnocchi for Book Group.  It was actually my third time making them.  I have never eaten any authentic gnocchi before but I will show you the pictures I took while I made them.

This is the ball of gnocchi dough.  To the right is an example of the shredded boiled potato, the recipe says to use a potato ricer but I didn't have one so I shredded the potato while hot and left it to cool.
Here is a picture of my gnocchi after boiling in salt water.

The cooled gnocchi is on the left.  Caprese salad is in the center and butter wheat spaghetti is on the right.

Gnocchi with pesto. Yummy!

This is a photo I borrowed from the internet of someone's yummy gnocchi, do they look anything like mine?  Check out how to make these versatile little potato dumplings.  Your family might actually like them.
Sharon S.

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