Saturday, April 9, 2011

making the "magic" happen

Great discussion last night, girlfriends!
In honor of the book we just read, I've decided to "make the magic" happen here at my house. Instead of whining about the river that pretends to be my driveway, I've decided to think of it as a "moat" protecting my "castle". I will put on my "magic slippers" (mud boots) to ford the moat to feed the beautiful dragons (horses) that guard the castle.

Anyone else have any "magic" they want to share? :)

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The Dahle Family said...

I love it, Peggy Ann! Mind over matter! It really is all about how we perceive the world around us, isn't it? That's why having an eternal perspective can change night to day. And you are a beautiful, noble princess. (Not the snotty prissy kind!)