Monday, February 14, 2011

translating "Southern"

For those of you who don't speak "Southern", here are some translations of the text!

an’t much count: are not of much account
bile her taters: boil her potatoes
dar now: there, now
dat ar: that there
like dem ar: like them there (like those)
far: fair
but then they’s far: but then, they are fair (not too bad)
gi’n: given
go ‘long: go along (an excalmation)
gwine: going to
jist: just
kinder: kind of
in a kinder plain way: in a kind of plain way
La bless you: Lord bless you
Lor!: Lord!
to have a notion on ‘t: to have an idea about it
oughter: ought to
yer oughter: you ought to (should)
ye oughterner feel ‘bove nobody: you ought not to (shouldn’t) feel above someone
on ‘count: on account of (because of)
sarcy: sassy or saucy (talking back)
sartin: certain or certainly
yes – sartin: yes, certainly
‘spectable folks: respectable folks (people)
spile: spoil
they’s: they is (are)

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